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RepExact represents manufacturers of custom precision and micro components serving the North American Life Sciences markets.

We work with a unique, marketing-inclusive, cross-selling concept that is particularly effective for niche manufacturers or those whose core focus is on other markets.

Our target customers are contract engineers / manufacturers and OEMs.

Manufacturing partners are located in North America and Europe. Besides our principals we work on an ad-hoc basis with hundreds of manufacturers that possess unique skills.

In addition to traditional sales networking, RepExact uses an integrated marketing concept to reach potential customers. This includes web marketing, advertising, press releases, trade show exhibition, direct mail, etc.

Are you seeking a more effective way to grow sales of your precision products in the markets we serve without having to make a large investment in your own infrastructure? Talk to us!

RepExact also offers marketing and business development services for manufacturing companies on either side of the Atlantic who are looking to expand their reach into new markets, or make improvements to their current presence.

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